:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: a collaborative mixed media project ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::


Dada's Women

Dada's women, Tate Modern, Tate Exchange, Ruth Hemus, Sonia Allori, Vaia Paziana

::::::::::::::::::::::::: 'daisy chain fragments for Sisyphus' :::::::::::::::::::::::


::animation as shown at Instant City Reloaded - Kings Cross::

drawings, animated Gif, Gif animation, video, vimeo, new collaboration, dada, dadaism, dada's women, Dada, Instant City Reloaded, Zurich meets London, video projection, mixed-media, opera, music, sonia allori, ruth hemus, vaia paziana

::::::::::::: CREATIVE JOURNEYS with ANDY KEE ::::::::



creative journeys 2016, Andy Kee, certitude, 10 week visual arts course, Vaia Paziana, Tate Modern, Block 336, Slaughterhaus print studio, Andy Kee,

   :::::::::::::::::NEW: ANTI or FEARFUL SYMMETRY:::::::::::::::

                         GIF animated drawings

drawing, animated Gif, Gif animation

necklace handknitted orange yarn stitched to dark gunmetal heavy chain, jewellery, adornment, schmuck
Come for a visit to The Maker's Boutique Market in Brighton!
Makers Boutique Market at
Brighton Unitarian Church
New Road
on Saturday 6th April
11am - 5pm




Forthcoming Group Exhibition  Group Exhibition part of Islington Exhibits  Dates: 22nd - 24th July 2011  Leroy House, 436 Essex road, London, N1 3QP   Exhibiting Artists: Sinead Geary, Hayley Harrison



3-5 Whitechapel Road E1

 10:00 - 21:00

Meanwhile Whitechapel, meanwhile space, fair, 19th April 2011